Dogliotti 1870

We renewed our old cellar ambients and transformed them in to the new tasting room and wine shop where you can discover out products

Castagnole Lanze, Italy

Discover our products through bespoked wine tasting that tells the story of our winery

We cherish tradition, looking forward to the future of our winery with the same passion passed on through generation

From the sweetness of the Moscato grapes to the noble red wines from Piedmont

in 150 anni di storia


Hectares of vineyards


Different labels

Our territory is not only about wine, you will be amazed with local treats carefully paired with our wines


We created for you 3 different wine tasting experiences to present you our territory

Our history in a glass

Based on our history, we will walk your through our cellar and let you taste different wines that represent us as best

Created to let you taste the most popular wines of Piedmont, from the freshness of the Barbera d’Asti, to the structure of the famous Barolo

The noble red wines from Piedmont

Sweetness of the Moscato grapes

Tasting experience based on all the products we are producing with our beloved Moscato grapes, from the Classic Moscato d’Asti, to our new personal interpretation of it

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