Moscato d'Asti Erik's selection 2011


The wine has a brilliant, straw yellow color with light, golden reflections.
It has a balanced, fine, and persistent frothiness. Its delicate perlage melts in the mouth for a very pleasant sensation.
On the nose, it has the typical aroma of Moscato, a profume that combines musk, sage, white flowers, and – because of its aging – yellow fruits, ripe apricot, and vanilla.
In the mouth, its light, unsticky sweetness is surprising and contrasts perfectly with its strong acidity. It is very persistent and leaves savory and mineral notes on the palate.
This wine is a very personal interpretation of Moscato d’Asti. Because its important aromatic notes tend to diminish with aging, Moscato is a fresh, young wine consumed within a few years of harvest. Our Moscato has a unique vinification and aging it undergoes both before bottling and in the bottle, creating a long-lived Moscato where the principle aroma is not linalool (as it commonly is), but different and important sensations that are anything but typical.

The 2011 grape harvest was carried out during the first week of September.
After a brief cold maceration, the grapes are pressed and the must begins alcoholic fermentation. Part of it ferments in stainless steel under a controlled temperature with selected yeasts, and the rest is left to ferment with native yeasts in oak barrels.
Once both fermentations are completed, the Moscato is left to age on the lees and the two separate parts are blended only in the pre-bottling stage.
After bottling, the wine is left to age in the cellars for a minimum of 18 months before it is ready for sale.
Our unique production method creates a wine that respects the traditional characteristics of Moscato d’Asti DOCG and yet differs in structure and freshness. For this, it can be paired with desserts as well as appetizers and delicate first courses.
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