Grignolino d'Asti Doc


Grignolino is a red grape grown almost exclusively in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. This grape produces dry wines with a delicately perfumed bouquet. The wines are either light fruity red wines or refreshing fragrant roses. It is at its best when drunk cool and young. Wines made from Grignolino have high acid levels and light tannins. The name of the grape comes from a word in the local dialect that means “grape pips” (seeds). It is thought that the name came from the fact that this particular variety has an abundance of seeds in each grape. Grignolino is a slow maturing grape that is best suited for warmer areas that have long growing seasons. It reaches maturity near the beginning of October

DENOMINATION: Grignolino d'Asti Doc
GRAPE VARIETY: 100 % Grignolino
Vine-training system: Guyot
Soil: Mainly calcareous-sandy
Max. Crop/hectare: 9,5 metric tons
Yield in wine: 65%

COLOR: Light red that tend to rosè
PERFUME: Fresh, lively aroma with a clear-cut hint of white pepper and delicate spices
TASTE: Intense and characteristic aroma, dry with high aciity lightly tannic

FOOD MATCH: These are good wines to have with salamis and cheeses of medium seasoning, and also match well with beef and also with fish
Wine making: pressing of the grapes, followed by de-stemming and fermentation at a controlled temperature in heat-conditioned tanks. Maceration for 4/5 days, and drawing off while still sweet so complete its fermentation on the skins
GLASS recommended: Medium shape glass
CONSERVATION: Cold storage in fresh wine cellars

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